Founders: Humbert Clotet & Georgina Capdevila

CEO, Financial & Corporate relations: Roger Franch

Art Direction: Alain Jaimez

CSO, Event Production & Coordination: Nil mora

Business Development Manager: Roc Fàbregas

Corporate Relations Manager: Carmen Torres

Press ManagerNúria Torreblanca

Communication & Community Manager: Andrea Pérez

Art Direction Assistant: Anna Alajarin

FIUNYC is the first international project that we directed. A first international event for FIUBCN celebrated in Barcelona and New York simultaneously the past 24th of September 2015. We gathered six creative couples - three couples of one creative from Barcelona and the other from NYC - in order to create three art pieces each couple and present it LIVE and simultaneously in New York and Barcelona the very same day. It was incredible to see the reaction of both cities and how excited was the crowd to see how a collaboration between three emerging creatives from New York and three emerging creatives from Barcelona, could cause such incredible results.

This has been the first test for an international event by FIUBCN, and we’re already planning more events allover the globe. Soon more about: “FIU.From Barcelona to the world!”

24th September 2015, IMPACT HUB (BCN)

24th September 2015, WeWork SOHO-WEST (NYC)